A business financial crash course—without the crash

Over the years, we've had countless conversations with business owners across the country about how to get set up for future financial success. To give new entrepreneurs a head start, we took the lessons from these chats and compiled them into helpful resources.

Read on for the info every business owner wished they didn't have to learn the hard way.

Get funding to jump start your business

The Big List of Small Business Grants for New Businesses

Free money sounds too good to be true. But that’s exactly what your new business could be eligible for with these small business grants.

The Very Best Small Business Loans

A business loan gives you an injection of cash that can set you up for success, but equally important is choosing the right loan for you.

The Top Business Lines of Credit

Lines of credit are more flexible and sometimes cheaper than loans. We’ve broken down the best options to choose from.

Got questions you want answered by a tax pro?

Our in-house tax and bookkeeping professionals can help give you clarity on your questions about income taxes, sales tax, even payroll taxes. Submit your question in the Messages feed of your Bench account and our team of experts will respond with your answer.

Milestones to anticipate and celebrate

10 Company Milestones to Aim for in Your First Year

Having milestones helps you keep track of how your business is progressing. Here are 10 you should look out for.

How Long Should It Take to Become Profitable?

Different businesses have different timelines of when they’re expected to be profitable. We’ve got the tools to help you to figure out yours.

Pre to Post-Launch: Complete Business Startup Checklist

From the first days of formation to tips on what to watch post-launch, our checklist ensures your next step is always planned out.

Free resources for navigating your new business

The First Things to Outsource

The more you outsource, you more time you have for your business. This guide breaks down what you can take off your plate first.

The Big U.S. Small Business Tax Checklist

Don't know where to start with your tax return? Our checklist gives you a step-by-step process to follow so you're doing things in the right order.

How to Choose the Right Structure for Your Business

The entity you pick for your business is critical and will influence your daily operations, how you’re taxed, your exposure to risk—and that’s just the beginning.

Hiring employees the right way

Can I Afford to Hire an Employee?

When operations size up, helping hands keep things manageable. Hire an employee with confidence that your cash flow will hold up.

New Employee Forms: What You’ll Need for New Hires

Get the lowdown on what and how to fill out the paperwork required before an employee can start.

11 Tips for a Great Hiring Process

Whether you’ve never hired before or you’re looking to improve your process, these tips will make your onboarding smooth and simplified.

The expert support your business deserves

Our Small Business Support Team is here to help you run your business with confidence. Drop us a line, and we’ll provide you with expert guidance.