On Demand Webinar: Automating Your Tax + Profit Planning

Want to avoid the scramble next tax season? Learn how you can streamline your financial planning for a less stressful tax season next year during this free webinar hosted by Bench and Relay.

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What we cover in this free small business webinar:

Pitfalls of poor planning throughout the year
Everyone makes mistakes along the way, but do you know what they are costing you? We’ll cover the most common tax season and business planning mistakes that result in extra heaches and stress at the end of the year.

Best practices for tax and profit planning in advance of tax season
We’ll walk through what you should be tracking in your business throughout the year to ensure smoother tax filing in the future, and the benefits you’ll reap from doing so.

How to streamline your financial planning and get accurate insights
The tools and tech that can help you plan better and get a clearer picture of your financial standing, followed by a Q&A with our banking and bookkeeping specialists.

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