2024 Tax Season Survival Guide

We know your time as a small business owner is valuable, so consider this your one-stop guide to not just surviving but thriving this tax season. We're glad you're here.

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What To Expect

Support to Help You Get Organized

Without updated books, you can’t file your taxes. And you didn’t start your own business so you could spend late nights trying to figure out how to calculate “adjusted gross income” for your tax return. We’ll get you organized and help demystify the tax lingo.

Know Your Forms

Not all businesses are created equal. Everyone has to pay taxes, but how and when you need to file is determined by your business type. Close those Google tabs, this guide will spell it out for you.

Tax Season Self-Care

Tax season can get ugly. Late nights, long email threads with accountants, and shouting matches with your accounting system. It doesn’t have to be this way. We need to put ourselves first, even when a tax deadline looms. Let us help.

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