Bench Accounting Launches Solution for Business Owners Blending Personal and Business Finances


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July 17, 2023

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Vancouver, B.C.— Bench Accounting (, a leading bookkeeping and tax advisory fintech platform is helping small business owners maximize their tax deductions and save even more time thanks to a new, automated solution.

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Bench will introduce more than 10 product innovations and improvements this summer, including the personal to business crossover feature, a game changer for business owners who use their personal accounts for business transactions. The update drastically simplifies the process as it enables entrepreneurs to easily tag deductible expenses and have them added to their books.

“Business owners’ time is highly valuable as they wear multiple hats with limited resources,” said Prasad Sristi, Bench’s VP of Product. “Many business owners use their personal accounts for making business purchases to collect loyalty points or for simple convenience. This feature simplifies what has traditionally been an arduous, manual task of identifying business transactions from their personal accounts.”

The introduction of the easy personal to business crossover feature gave Michael Patmas, a hobby scuba diver turned founder of Lifestyle Scuba Maui, the clarity he’d been seeking.

“Before Bench it was a mess sorting out all of our bookkeeping,” Patmas said. “I find the new feature way faster. All of my information flows into Bench and with a couple of clicks, all of my business transactions get added to my books, just like that. It really is that easy … The time we’ve saved already has been great.”

According to nearly 90% of Bench customers, the Bench platform has greatly enhanced their experience as business owners. JP Durrios, CEO of Bench, emphasizes that this feedback serves as motivation for the company to continue innovating and offering new features and enhancements that further streamline bookkeeping for small businesses.

In addition to the personal to business crossover capabilities, Bench is gearing up to release a suite of remarkable updates that will empower Bench customers to:

  • Reclaim precious time with expedited transactions categorization.
  • Seamlessly navigate the app and take advantage of deeper financial insights.
  • Stay one step ahead with the introduction of an all-new notification center, offering a comprehensive and real time overview of the status of books.

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Bench is the world’s largest bookkeeping services and tax advisory platform, with more than 12,000 small business clients based in the U.S., pairing its intuitive software and financial products with a dedicated accounting team, Bench combines the convenience and efficiency of modern technology with the expertise and time-savings afforded by a professional, personalized service.

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