Introducing a new solution for personal accounts used for business, plus over 10 new features

With our summer 2023 product enhancements, created with you in mind, we’re making it easier to get through your admin tasks and uncover even more financial insights so you can make the right decisions for your business.

Now available

A new way to manage business transactions from personal accounts

The most comprehensive tool on the market to help you add business transactions from your personal accounts to Bench, saving even more time.

Automate the flow of transactions

Connect eligible personal bank accounts and credit cards that are used for business and your information will automatically flow into Bench in real time.

Don’t sweat the details

Indicate which transactions were used for business, then submit them to your books. We'll then assign them to the right accounts.

Capture more tax deductions

Maximize your tax deductions by including business transactions made from personal accounts. We’ll ensure you get every tax write-off available.

A complete real-time view of your business

Data from personal accounts is incorporated in real-time for a more accurate business overview.

Secure management of your finances

We’re committed to protecting all your financial information using bank-rate standards of security.

Stay in the know with our expert team

With our resources and expert team, you’ll get a full understanding of IRS requirements for mixing personal and business transactions.

Now available

Simple, centralized notifications

To speed up your monthly financial tasks, we’ve created a new central place for your notifications.

• View a complete list of the inputs that are needed from you in order to get your books completed.

• Easily click on a notification task and go directly to where your input is required, so you can get through your tasks faster.

Coming soon

Stay tuned for over 10 more exciting product updates

We're improving the way you categorize transactions with tools to speed things up and save you more time.

Transaction filter and search functionality

Track down specific transactions in just a few clicks.

Categorize multiple transactions at once

Save even more time on your financial tasks

More suggested category options

More pre-set options make categorization quick and easy.

We're redesigning the layout of the app to make it more intuitive and easy to use.

Your business overview when you log in

Get a real-time pulse check on your business performance right when you open the app.

Dedicated areas for all your reports

Access your income statement and balance sheet in just a few clicks.

Tax filing documents in one place

Get quick access to tax-ready income statements and balance sheets to help you file taxes, apply for funding, and bring to the bank.

Centralized area for your ongoing books

Manage your books faster with updated navigation for accounts, transactions, and documents.

Improved date filtering

Uncover more insights from your financials with pre-set filters that compare periods more easily.

Improved date selector

Updated date selector to make it more intuitive and easier to use.

View report details easier

Expand and collapse ledgers to get a quick overview or a detailed breakdown of your finances.

Enhanced message feed visibility

Keep your finances in sight while you message your bookkeeper.

Books complete notification

Get notified right away when your books are complete so you can see financial insights faster.

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