We take privacy and data security seriously. That’s why we’re committed to protecting your information using the highest standards of security available. Working with Bench gives you peace of mind.

Customer Data Protection

As a SOC 2 compliant business, Bench's security systems ensure protection, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of all our customer data.

Employee background checks

Every Bench employee goes through a rigorous screening process, including multiple interviews and a criminal record check.

Expert help

Each customer’s main point of contact is a dedicated professionally-trained bookkeeper, based in North America.

Meeting or exceeding industry standards

Bench undergoes annual SOC 2 and SOC 3 examinations of our security controls against the AICPA defined standards.

Auditing is conducted by a third party audit firm to assure security of our platform and its supporting infrastructure. Fill out this form to download our most recent SOC 3 report.

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Bench and Plaid: The safest way to share your financial information and automate the exchange of information

Connect your accounts with peace of mind We use Plaid, which lets you securely connect your financial accounts to Bench in seconds. This feature saves you the time and effort of manually uploading documents.

Feel secure about your financials Both Bench and Plaid are SOC-2 compliant with security practices that meet or exceed industry standards. Plaid keeps your data safe and private with best-in-class encryption protocols like the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and Transport Layer Security (TLS).

View our privacy policy for more in-depth information about how we handle our clients' data

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