Balance Sheet Template

Plug your numbers in to get the big financial picture of your business.

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Our expert bookkeepers here at Bench have built a Balance Sheet template in Excel that you can use to plug in your numbers, and see the big financial picture of your business.

How a Balance Sheet can help you

A Balance Sheet allows you to see:

  • How much your business owns
  • How much your business owes to others
  • How much is left for you, the owner

If you ever want to bring on investors, or sell to someone else, you’ll need a balance sheet ready.

Some pointers on how to use this template

  • Don’t understand exactly what a balance sheet is yet? Check out our resource Balance Sheets, Explained.
  • Your balance sheet will only be as good as your bookkeeping numbers. If you need a primer, check out our Bookkeeping Basics guide.
  • The categories in the template are just a starter. Make sure you include every asset, liability, and equity relevant to your business.

And if you’d rather leave the bookkeeping to the professionals, check out Bench. We’ll do your books for you and prepare all the financial statements you need.

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