Webinar: Good Habits for Bigger Savings Next Tax Season

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Want to avoid the scramble next tax season? Join Bench and Relay as we debrief tax season and help you set sustainable habits to make managing your finances and reducing your taxes easier this year.

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What you'll learn in this free small business webinar:

The impact of economic conditions on your business 

We’ll talk about what sustained inflation means for the economy and how to manage your business and cash flow during an anticipated slowdown in consumer spending.

Lowering your tax bill with receipt and expense management 

We’ll address your burning questions about receipts and expenses, and show you how smart management practices will help you prepare for tax season in advance and maximize your deductions.

Setting up a year of good habits

Let’s get tactical. We’ll share a customizable calendar with regular tasks to keep you on track all year.

We’ll end with a Q&A session with our banking and bookkeeping experts.

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