How Bench Helped This Multi-Hyphenate Marketer Focus


Elizabeth Pandolfi


July 8, 2023

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Experienced digital marketer and entrepreneur Myca Williamson has a unique approach to offer her small business marketing clients. With a background in journalism and fashion media, and an MBA with a focus on strategy and entrepreneurship, Myca has found her niche by combining her knowledge of business strategy with her love of creative storytelling.

“I try to be that person who bridges the gap between the business, quantitative folks and the more qualitative creatives,” she says.

Like so many entrepreneurs, Myca’s journey into digital marketing wasn’t a straight path. After teaching high school and overseeing the journalism program, she switched directions and began working at a startup. And while the startup didn’t last, Myca’s interest in entrepreneurship certainly did. “Honestly, out of a need for survival, I started taking projects with folks in my network. I was working with an executive coach at the time, and I was like , ‘Ok, am I going to keep going down this road? Or do I look for a full-time job?’ The entrepreneurship is what stuck, and so I decided to lean into it.”

Now, she does digital marketing for a wide variety of clients. “One day I might be working with a client in industrial imaging and radiology, and then I go to a client that’s a clothing brand, or a painter, or a nonprofit. So it’s putting on those different hats, and having to shift my mindset.”

How Bench helps streamline small business finances

As a solopreneur, Myca knew from the start that she couldn’t do everything herself. Without a team to hold her accountable, she has to self-motivate, make the time to learn and develop her skills, and of course, ensure her own financial security, as well as that of the business.

“I knew that I needed tools to help me in terms of financials and bookkeeping and all that. Even though I have an MBA, that’s not my area of expertise. I didn’t want to spend time doing that.”

At first, Myca worked with a tax advisor, but she found that she still had to do a lot of financial legwork—especially at the end of the month or the end of the tax year. She knew she needed something that was working for her all the time, helping her stay on top of her finances regularly.

That’s when she found Bench, via a social media connection who was herself a Bench client. She decided to give Bench a try, and it fit what she was looking for. “The other day I was at the bank, because I was looking at ways to grow my business. The woman asked me, ‘Do you have a profit and loss statement?’ And I was like, ‘Yep!’ and I logged into Bench and downloaded it and gave it to her. It’s having that accessibility and that transparency, knowing where you are with your business at any given moment without having to compile a bunch of documents, that the data is just there for you when you need it.” This means more accurate long-term financial planning, as well as the ability to better spot opportunities for growth or to cut costs.

What’s more, according to Myca the time she spends on her tax filing alone since starting with Bench has been cut in half.

The time-saving impact of Bench

One of the best things about saving all that time? It’s helped Myca refocus on what she loves best: the creative storytelling that has always been at the heart of what she does.

“At the end of the day, that’s what connects people, what drives them to action, what evokes emotion. That’s what I really think is going to keep me centered as I continue.”

And when it comes to her advice for other young entrepreneurs, it’s simple but profound. “I’d say eliminate as much noise as possible, and just stick to what you feel you know. Align with your purpose, and align with your overall mission.”

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