From Chaos to Clarity: How Bench Accounting Helped Hungry Medium Owner Kat Niambi Regain Control of Her Finances


Colleen Cosgrove


April 27, 2023

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Meet Kat Niambi, the Hungry Medium. A small business owner who transitioned from the corporate world to entrepreneurship to follow her passion for spiritual counseling. “I’ve always had the gift of helping people on a spiritual level. Help people get direction. And I wanted to make a shift to doing my work full time,” says Kat.

However, like many entrepreneurs, Kat found it challenging to keep up with the financial aspect of running a business.

“All the financial stuff. No one wants to deal with it when they’re an entrepreneur. You just don’t want to deal with it,” she explains. Despite her aversion to bookkeeping, Kat understood the importance of keeping her finances in order, especially in her line of work, where people often don’t view spiritual counseling as a career.

Kat attempted to use the bookkeeping expertise of family members to aid her, but it wasn’t the right fit. That’s when she discovered Bench Accounting.

“I was always looking for a solution, and I tried using family members who had some expertise in books and things like that, but it didn’t really work out,” Kat says.

With Bench Accounting, Kat found a solution that not only helped her get her books back on track but also provided expert help to get caught up on a few months of bookkeeping and get her taxes filed on time. The relief is palpable.

“You guys are doing all the work for me. I’m the big thinker. I’m the strategist. I follow the rules, and I feel so secure,” she says.

Kat appreciated Bench’s patient and informative approach to walking her through the financial aspects of her business. “I’ve learned every single thing about … well, not every single thing. I’m sure there’s tons of things I still need to learn. But that’s the beauty of your company, too, because you’re so patient, and they also walk you through all your questions,” she says.

Bench Accounting has not only helped Kat manage her finances, but has also given her peace of mind, allowing her to focus on growing her business and paying it forward.

“Now I can build my business to the next level. So I’m putting together a mentorship program for people just like me, and one of the tracks in the workshops is get your books together. Money is energy. I don’t think people realize that,” she says.

“I want to tell the world about you guys … I’ll recommend Bench to anyone who will listen,” Kat adds.

Kat’s success story shows the importance of taking control of your finances as a business owner. With Bench Accounting, she was able to focus on what mattered most to her, helping others.

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Friends don’t let friends do their own bookkeeping. Share this article.

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