Kamila Gorina Shares How Bench Accounting Transformed Her Business Financials and Boosted Growth


Elizabeth Pandolfi


August 11, 2023

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Kamila Gorina is the successful business coach and entrepreneur behind Heart Behind Hustle, a business and sales coaching service for online service providers. And she’s traveled the same path as many of her clients: starting as a solopreneur with a strong personal brand, and growing her business slowly into something larger than herself.

“I decided I didn’t want to have a business that was solely reliant on my name,” Gorina says.

This realization helped her not only grow her own business in the direction she wanted, but also helped her hone in on what she wanted to provide her clients. “For me, the heart has always been really important—the passion, and having the drive to do what you’re passionate about,” she says, adding that’s not all it takes to create a thriving organization. “My services are about both the idea and passion that entrepreneurs have, and actually integrating the systems and the essential foundations to be able to generate more sales and leads.”

Through trial and error, Gorina discovered her unique approach, developing opinions on what works and what doesn’t. Her willingness to share unconventional insights on pricing, sales activities, and more made her message refreshing for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

With an emphasis on systems and tools for her clients, Gorina knew she’d need her own tools in place in order to grow her business the way she wanted to. One of those ended up being Bench.

“I tried [doing my own bookkeeping] in the beginning because I was on more of a budget,” she says. “But honestly it always felt like pulling teeth for me — I felt like it was zapping my energy. And as an entrepreneur, I think it’s so important to spend the time that you do have on things that make you feel excited, and more present with the business you have.”

Gorina also tried hiring a bookkeeper, but the cost was high and the results were mediocre.

“When I learned about Bench, I loved that it was an integration of the software and a service — an actual service, where it’s done for you. When I’m looking at tools I always ask, ‘Is this going to make my life easier? Or is it adding to what I have to do?’ So I look at it in terms of the trade-off: is the time I’ll get back worth the time I’ll have to put in? And for Bench, it was like, heck yes.”

As Gorina knows firsthand, becoming an entrepreneur is never an easy journey, but women often face more obstacles taking the leap than men. Self-doubt and the societal pressures on women to make “safe” career choices, protect their family lives, and put the needs of people they care about ahead of their own all combine to make striking out on one’s own feel like a highly risky proposition.

To counteract those, Gorina advises Heart Behind Hustle’s female clients, as well as those just thinking about starting their own businesses, to recognize their insecurities and trust in their abilities.

“Test out your idea. See how it feels. For me, stability was very important, so I made sure I could build my business while still having my 9 to 5. But other women might be able to take that down to a part-time job, or rely on savings while they get started.”

When women are not just running their own business, but also raising a family — like so many are — the right systems and tools become even more important. “I recommend Bench to my clients, because for one thing I think the price is amazing for what you’re getting. But it also really makes my life easier.”

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Friends don’t let friends do their own bookkeeping. Share this article.

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