Bench and Firstbase Announce New Partnership


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May 10, 2022

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Bench is excited to announce its new integrated partnership with Firstbase, the first all-in-one ecosystem that allows anyone to incorporate a U.S. company and manage their entire business on a single platform.

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Firstbase makes it easy for any company, from anywhere in the world, to incorporate in the United States. As part of their platform, Firstbase offers new U.S. entities opportunities to seamlessly onboard critical business services directly from their startup dashboard. Now, any founder on the platform can choose to sign up with Bench via Firstbase Loop, which uses existing company data to streamline the onboarding process. This service is now being offered to the tens of thousands of businesses already on the Firstbase platform.

“Each new product we integrate into Firstbase Loop addresses the high growth demands of companies that count on our platform to provide every solution they need to be successful,” said Firstbase CEO and founder Mark Milastsivy. “Bench offers instant financial literacy to businesses within the Firstbase ecosystem and is a lifeline to our founders from all over the world.”

Bench gives businesses an all-in-one bookkeeping, tax, and advisory solution, without the costly CPA price tag. Unlike traditional accounting software, Bench isn’t do-it-yourself—a dedicated bookkeeper handles all bookkeeping tasks, giving business owners valuable hours back in their schedule. This hands-off approach additionally offers peace of mind that their books are always complete and error-free.

“While keeping up with the financial and regulatory demands of running a company is daunting, founders now have Bench to lend a helping hand to ease these burdens,” said Bench’s Director of Product Partnerships Ali Mroueh. “Partnering with Firstbase puts our services directly into the hands of newly formed U.S. companies and makes it easy to onboard using the Firstbase Loop flow. This paves the way for more embedded partnerships in Bench’s future.”

Firstbase users can now view the Bookkeeping category in their Firstbase dashboard, learn more about Bench, and sign up with one click.

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Friends don’t let friends do their own bookkeeping. Share this article.

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