How to Review Your EIDL Application Status


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September 4, 2020

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The Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) is currently the best loan program for businesses negatively affected by COVID-19. Its notable features include a streamlined application process, favorable loan terms, and an advance grant of up to $10,000 that does not need to be repaid (Note: the grant is no longer available as of July 13). You can review everything you need to know about the EIDL in our complete guide.

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Editor’s note: once an EIDL is obtained, you will need to uphold the IRS’s recordkeeping requirements (read more here). Learn more about how Bench can help.

But the turnaround times on applications can be unpredictable due to volume leaving many businesses wondering what is going on with their application. If you’ve applied for the EIDL and want to know how to review your application status, here’s what you need to know.

How to review your application status online

After applying for the EIDL online, the SBA will conduct an initial review of the application. Once they’ve completed this initial review (which includes a credit check), they will send an email invite to create a Disaster Loan Portal account. By creating a Disaster Loan Portal account, this will push the application further along the process.

Once your Portal account is set up, you can expect requests to verify information and supply documentation, before entering the next part of the application process - which is being assigned a Loan Officer. From here you will be able to review the status of your application.

Now that your application is in the works, you can take some time to learn all you need to know about the EIDL. Download our free handbook to stay on top of the rules and regulations surrounding the loan.

How long can I expect to wait to receive a Portal Invite?

The wait time to receive the Disaster Loan Portal account email is currently unknown.

If you are waiting to receive this email, we recommend reviewing your email, spam, and junk folders. The SBA has indicated that applicants have reported emails are sometimes located there.

How to review your application status by phone

You can review your EIDL loan status by calling the SBA customer service line at 1-800-659-2955.

You will need to provide your application number for an SBA representative to assist you.

Once you’ve received your EIDL

Once your application has been processed and if you were approved, you’ve successfully obtained a relief loan. But the journey doesn’t stop here.

Take some time to familiarize yourself with what you can spend an EIDL on in our handy guide. If you have a PPP loan, there are some extra limitations you should be aware of. If your loan amount is greater than $25,000, learn more about the collateral that will be required.

If you were rejected for an EIDL, you still have an opportunity to be reconsidered. Take a look at our guide for how you can request a reconsideration and an example of what a good request looks like.

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